Best Online Investment

Do you want to invest smart money in 2020, but you don't know how and in what way?

A high investment is now no longer required when investing money.

There are countless ways and websites that allow investing with little money. This way you can also spread better and reduce risk.

Investing in shares

A share is a security with which you hold a piece of property in the hands of a company. You benefit from this in the form of a dividend or if the share price rises. Buying a share also gives you voting rights at the company's shareholder meeting. In addition, you will usually receive priority buying when the company issues new shares.

Day trading

Day trading is fast. Once potential trading opportunities appear, traders need to trigger transactions with lightning-like reactions. Following these 20 day trading tips, from risk management to trend trading, following these points, your trading success rate will be greatly improved.

Why trade indexes?

Index trading is a relatively safe form of trading with the characteristics of comprehensive fund management, and its trading risk is always lower than the risk of investing in individual stocks.

How to trade index CFDs?

Index trading is a trading method that does not need to analyze the performance of individual companies to gain global/regional market shares. Popular stock market indexes usually provide traders with higher liquidity, longer trading hours and smaller spreads.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency, also known as a cryptocurrency, due to the fact that it uses cryptography to secure transactions within its infrastructure. This infrastructure is an online database or so-called blockchain technology.

Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, is mostly highly volatile and daily price changes of up to 10% are not uncommon. Of course, as investors and traders know, big profits are the result of taking higher risks.

Bitcoin CFD trading

The downward trend (falling Bitcoin price) and the movement in the range do not allow physical holders to take advantage of fluctuations in the current Bitcoin price, as well as in other cryptocurrencies.

Determining the trend in Bitcoin

The trend is your friend "is a basic rule in technical analysis". Therefore, before you start trading Bitcoin, it is important to know the trend in cryptocurrency.

Investing in Bitcoin

It is no coincidence that some analysts compare Bitcoin to gold . The reason - the lack of intrinsic value and movement entirely determined by the supply and demand of the asset. Neither Bitcoin nor gold offer any return in the form of interest or dividends .