Exchange traded funds(ETF)

ETF or exchange traded fund is one of the most significant investment products originally created for individual investors. These ETFs offer many benefits and, if used wisely, are an excellent means of achieving your investment goals.

What are index funds?

Known index funds are a passive form of investment. These funds have certain rules according to which the shares are included, after which it monitors the movement of the share prices without trying to beat the performance of the main index.

Why invest in an ETF?

You've probably heard the phrase "You need to invest for the future." Whether it's family or friends, or wealthy financial gurus like Warren Buffett or Tony Robbins, learning how to invest should definitely be high on your list of goals.

Difference between Exchange traded funds and mutual funds

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What is Forex Trading?

Forex or currency market is the market in which currencies are traded. In the simplest case, a currency transaction can be, for example, when you exchange your local currency for another for an upcoming vacation.

Determining the trend in Bitcoin

The trend is your friend "is a basic rule in technical analysis". Therefore, before you start trading Bitcoin, it is important to know the trend in cryptocurrency.

Is Forex Trading Profitable?

This is an issue that has been discussed and has been on the minds of many for some time. This is due to the fact that many investors have been scalded by trading Forex and their experience seems to cast a shadow over their viability as an investment choice.

Forex Trading strategy

Once you know the essence of today's Forex trading, the next step is to build one or more trading strategies. For novice traders, the ideal scenario is to follow a simple and effective strategy that will allow them to confirm what works and what doesn't, without too many variables to confuse things.

Risk management in trading

Risk management in the Forex market, also called risk management , is one of the most discussed topics in trading. On the one hand, traders want to reduce the likelihood of potential losses, but on the other hand, they seek to make the most of each trade.

How can you make a living with online trading?

Trading and earning from online trading in the foreign exchange market requires you to have a specific strategy to use. There is no right or wrong way to trade, rather what is important for you is to determine the approach you will take.