Securities and Wealth

What We Offer

Our Securities Division in Hong Kong operates as a securities broker, providing distribution and advisory services to investors in the stock market. We offer an exceptionally wide selection of investment products and provide exceptional service both in person and through our updated online platform.

Striving for the Best for You

For customers who wish to invest in Chinese securities, our business in China allows us to familiarize ourselves with the numerous obstacles faced by external people who participate in the Chinese market, from complex rules to local knowledge, and allows us to chart a profitable path through of these difficulties.

A Relationship You Can Depend On

Our brokers are selected for their integrity, experience, help and deep knowledge of financial services. They will help you define short, medium and long term objectives and acceptable levels of risk tolerance, and perform financial analysis and planning to determine the best personalized strategy for you.

Platinum Membership Benefits

The Platinum Club Benefits a wide variety of activities for members, from investment seminars to leisure activities and social events, where you can meet other elites and expand your network of commercial connections both inside and outside China. As our valuable member, you are entitled to a wide range of complementary lifestyle services, including the use of the Executive Lounge in our office, with its advanced golf simulator. Members can also enjoy concierge assistance, such as a VIP pass for luxury events and openings, hotel and restaurant reservations, travel arrangements and more.

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