Best online investment

Do you want to invest smart money in 2020, but you don't know how and in what way?

A high investment is now no longer required when investing money.

There are countless ways and websites that allow investing with little money. This way you can also spread better and reduce risk.

The advantages

Investing small amount possible
Determine yourself in which you invest
Low risk possible due to spread
Higher return than savings account
Extra assets for later (retirement)
Invest quickly and easily via the internet

Creating an investment portfolio

The most popular form of investing is by investing on the stock exchange.

This is no longer just for men in suits.

The emergence of online tools that can display trading data in a smart way, is now relatively easy for private investors to invest.

Investing in crypto coins

Buying cryptos and trading currencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum and Ripple goes through an online broker. The value of cryptocurrency is determined by the amount of the demand. Prices of most cryptocurrencies are very volatile and the bitcoin price never goes up alone.

Investing in real estate

If you want to invest your money 'in stones' and you already have a mortgage, you can now also take advantage of the appreciation of other homes. You do this by investing in real estate funds, real estate crowdfunding or by purchasing an extra home or building land for rental.

Investing in Webshop

Do you have several tens of thousands of euros or tons to spend? Then you can consider buying a successful existing webshop. This will continue to make a profit if the technical basis is good, competition is not too great and the demand from the market remains stable. You can outsource these activities to an experienced freelancer or media agency. You can also set up and organize your own webshop within a few clicks. This is interesting because it is increasingly easier to set up your webshop as a 'dropshipping webshop'.

Investing in foreign microcredit

If you find social return more important than financial return, you can also invest in people abroad. A small business can be started with the help of a micro-credit, which allows a novice entrepreneur in a developing country to provide for his own existence. 

Investing in gold and silver

When share prices fall, one often chooses to invest in gold or silver, because the price of gold will then increase. The silver price rises and falls more than that of gold, because the market is smaller. Buying physical gold or silver only generates income from the sale. You wear jewelry and therefore get extra value in addition to the gold price, but loose coins or a coin collection are often only in the closet. If you want to invest in gold, you can also buy a gold bar or a gold bar.