Why invest in an ETF?

You've probably heard the phrase "You need to invest for the future." Whether it's family or friends, or wealthy financial gurus like Warren Buffett or Tony Robbins, learning how to invest should definitely be high on your list of goals.

However, like most people, you may be disappointed with the current interest rate on savings accounts that you can get at your local bank. Maybe you've considered investing in the stock market to try to find the next Amazon ?

After all, if you had made a $ 1,000 investment when Amazon first went public for trading in May 1997, at a price of $ 18 per share, then in June 2020 you would have had about $ 147,000.

Here are the main reasons why you need an investment:

* Increasing the available capital

* Achieving various financial goals (education of a child, purchase of property, etc.)

* Inflation protection

* Allocating funds for the future (eg retirement)

Of course, there are many more reasons to invest and each future investor has their own individual goals. However, you should be aware that finding the new Amazon or Google and investing at the right time is not the easiest thing. This is where the role of investing in ETFs comes from.