Investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

If you decide to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you can provide yourself with a very exciting experience.

Cryptocurrency trading has become very modern, especially after the phenomenal growth of this market in 2017. Given the high volatility of crypto markets, traders have a greater number of attractive opportunities to enter and exit trades.

Bitcoin remains the leader and all other cryptocurrencies now look like altcoins (alternatives to Bitcoin). The largest cryptocurrency also holds a significant part of the capitalization of the entire crypto market. With the wider adoption of this class of digital assets, the value of the crypto market is expected to increase in the coming years.

The best known pairs with cryptocurrencies:

BTC / USD (Bitcoin vs US Dollar)

BCH / USD (Bitcoin Cash vs US Dollar)

ETH / USD (Ethereum vs US Dollar)

LTC / USD (Litecoin vs US Dollar)

XRP / USD (Ripple vs US Dollar)

Any investment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on online exchanges is associated with high risk. If you want to trade digital assets, it is advisable to invest in CFDs on cryptocurrencies, through which you can take long or short positions without having to own the asset itself.

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